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0008226ardourbugspublic2020-06-10 14:05
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Product Version6.0 
Summary0008226: Playlist mixup when loading old session in 6.0
DescriptionWhen loading one of my old sessions, two tracks ended up getting the same playlist.

The new session format was easier to read than the old one, so I managed to simply edit the playlist on the Route, but I couldn't find the equivalent in the old file, unable to find the playlist id anywhere else in the session file.

The bug might actually be in an old version of ardour, as I suspect the root problem is that both playlists had the same name in the session file.

I have included the session file, which upon loading in ardour 6.0, the tracks bass_intro and bass both ended up with the playlist with id 181522, while bass_intro should have gotten 180485. Both playlists have orig-track-id="181494" which also might be a source of trouble?

If these seems like something a previous version have messed up, feel free to just close this bug.
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2020-06-10 12:14

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2020-06-10 14:05

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Before Ardour6 playlists were identified by name, and it should not have been impossible to create two playlists with the same name.
(except some early 5.x version had a bug allowing that. If I remember correctly when duplicating tracks).

I think there's nothing we can do about. I'm glad that you managed to recover the session manually!

I'll sleep over it, but this is likely a won't fix.

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