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0008217ardourbugspublic2020-07-02 18:07
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PlatformThinkpad T460sOSUbuntuOS Version20.04 LTS
Product Version6.0 
Summary0008217: MIDI note becoming invisible when trimming region with first note perfectly quatized
Descriptionsee attached video
Steps To ReproduceCreate MIDI region.
Put a note on the start of a bar, use quantize to be perfectly sure.
Activate snapping on bars
Try to trim the region to the beginning of above bar
The note vanishes when snapping pulls the region beginning on the bar position
Additional InformationObservation
* Trimming with "J" results also in vanishing of MIDI note
* Cutting with "C" Cutting mode results also in vanishing note
* But "Slicing" with "S" keeps the note visible

And: Though the note is invisble, the note is playing on Playback


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related to 0007947 assignedpaul Midi note micro-shifted on region resize 



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2020-07-02 18:07

administrator   ~0024563

this was a good bug report. thanks.

the bug only occurs, as far as i can determine, if the region is created unsnapped. If the region is created snapped to the grid, things work as expected.

the reason for the bug is due to rounding errors. the real fix for this is coming in a major code redesign that will be part of 7.0.

MIDI note times are defined by an offset from the start of the MIDI file. So when a note is quantized but the region start is not snapped to the same grid, that offset is some arbitrary fractional value (e.g. 0.504 beats rather than 0.5 beats) . When the region position is then snapped to the grid and we try to determine if the note is inside the region, we get the wrong answer.

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