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0008205bugs2020-08-03 20:32
ReporterJJ19tkrAssigned Topaul 
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PlatformWindows 10OSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version6.0 
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Summary0008205: Session goes mute after (seemingly) no issues
DescriptionMy session muted itself. No apparent issues beforehand.
The meters in the tracks still display as if there is a sound playing, however I am not recieving any sound output, nor can I detect any auditory output via other software whilst playing back this session.
Steps To ReproduceI don't know
Additional InformationEven changing audio interface and audio driver changes nothing.
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2020-06-04 20:43

reporter   ~0024390

No worries fixed it, though this is still an issue that this happenned at all.
Fixed by going into tracks and buses, then connecting Monitor out, to hardware out, as they had apparently automagically disconnected.


2020-06-04 21:21

administrator   ~0024391

There is no "automatic disconnect", but there are ways for you to cause it without realizing, particularly if you are fairly new to Ardour.


2020-06-04 21:21

administrator   ~0024392

see reporter's note.


2020-06-05 09:03

reporter   ~0024398

oh ok.


2020-08-03 20:32

viewer   ~0024886

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