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0008198ardourbugspublic2022-04-27 14:37
ReporterTremeschin Assigned Topaul  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSArch LinuxOS VersionRolling
Product Version6.0 
Summary0008198: Duplicating MIDI notes selection in internal edit does not select all the cloned notes but one
DescriptionLooks like while Ctrl + clicking + dragging a MIDI note selection to duplicate it, only the bottom-most right-most note is selected after cloning while leaving the other duped notes deselected.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create MIDI region
2. Write two or more notes in it
3. Enter internal edit mode
4. Select two or more notes
5. Ctrl + click + drag to duplicate the notes
6. Drag these duplicated notes to a empty space within the region for better visibility

Now only one note will be selected out of the ones that were duplicated
Additional InformationThis is annoying when writing plucks / chords progressions as more often than not you want the notes to be playing repeatedly and not always selecting everything and duplicating fill in all the spots or fits them right.

Ardour compiled locally, commit 378a0af

waf configure -j 6 -p --optimize --cxx11

waf build -j 4 -p

Backed up ~/.config/ and ~/.config/ardour6, deleted and run a blank profile, issue still there.

Issue is present on current ardour 6.0-2 package on my Linux distro (compiled from the community as official releases are paid?)
Tagsediting, Midi, notes, select



2022-04-27 14:37

administrator   ~0026421

fixed in 9e77d8923ac (will be in v7.0)

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