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0008195ardourbugspublic2020-06-03 10:55
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PlatformSome Other LinuxOSArch LinuxOS Versionlatest
Product Version6.0 
Summary0008195: Some plugins freeze ardour interface and even freeze the plugin itself
DescriptionZyn-Fusion and Geonkick often freezes the ardour daw (The interface that is behind the plugin that is the focused window) and even freeze themselves many times and the freeze have lasted for half a minute once and sometimes it lasts until you forcefully kill the ardour daw. The plugins doesn't have this behavior when ran standalone even though i can't test sounds in geonkick standalone because i have no way to midi it's sounds because it doesn't have a own virtual keyboard. Zyn-Fusion is fine standalone.
Steps To ReproduceFrom what i've seen it just has to do with using the plugin and I've not done anything special that i can notice when the freeze happens.
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2020-06-03 09:45

reporter   ~0024365

This seems to happen more easily/frequently if you move around the plugin inside the ardour daw. If you keep it still then the daw tends to be much less likely to freeze.


2020-06-03 10:55

reporter   ~0024366

The reason for this problem is having compositor disabled. I had it disabled for performance in games but I'm not sure if ardour will have compability with a turned off compositor or not.

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