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0008189ardourbugspublic2020-06-02 21:38
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Product Version6.0 
Summary0008189: Sometimes markers appear very short for no apparent reason
DescriptionI know that markers have to be drawn shorter to accommodate other elements (like another marker on top) but sometimes they are shortened for no obvious reason. See attached screenshot. In the shot, it is the last marker of the entire session. It seems to happen more with the last marker.
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2020-06-02 01:01



2020-06-02 01:03

reporter   ~0024342

yes, if you move a different marker past the last one (this one called "session_uuid" which is cut off), then the previously shortened one will lengthen to a normal length and the one you just moved past it will be shortened. So definitely has something to do with being last.


2020-06-02 21:38

administrator   ~0024354

There is some logic that limits the max width of a marker to prevent them from overlapping. This probably a bug when markers are re-ordered or something..

Do you have a recipe how to produce this issue, or can you share a small ardour session that has this issue?

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