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0008188ardourbugspublic2020-06-06 08:21
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntu StudioOS Version19.10 x64
Product Version6.0 
Summary0008188: The lists are too long (go beyond the border of the screen) when using two screens.
DescriptionIf you use 2 screens located “diagonally” relative to each other (see screenshot 1), then the different Selection Lists get too long and go beyond the lower border of the screen, so it becomes either impossible to select elements hidden behind the lower border of the screen or only possible by scrolling the list with the mouse wheel.
This happens on any list. For example, in the tool selection list General MIDI synth or in the list of selected plug-ins (called via the context menu) and in other drop-down lists.
Additional InformationIf two screens are located on one line (see screenshot 2), then there are no such problems. But I really like the diagonal arrangement, because it allows you to have emphasis when moving the cursor to the right border of the first screen or the left border of the right screen, which in turn makes it easy to glue windows to this side of the screen.
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2020-06-01 20:31


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2020-06-01 20:36

reporter   ~0024341

The problem is very easy to understand with the vertical arrangement of displays when Ardour is on the upper display. If you open the General MIDI synth tool selection list, you will see that it starts on the first display and ends on the second. With a vertical arrangement, this is not such a problem because at least you can select these elements but with a diagonal layout they turn out to be just hidden.


2020-06-04 15:59

administrator   ~0024380

This is a window manager issue. Ardour does not know anything about the two monitors and uses a total screen size reported by the window manager.

It is unlikely that we will try to make Ardour explicitly aware of the number of distinct physical monitors.


2020-06-05 08:59

reporter   ~0024397

So do not do this. It is enough to limit the height of the drop-down lists to the height of the main Adur window.


2020-06-05 14:05

administrator   ~0024402

Ardour itself doesn't do anything to decide on the length. This is handled by the GUI toolkit that we use, and in turn it uses information from the window manager and windowing system regarding the virtual screen. This is not going to get fixed.


2020-06-05 19:31

reporter   ~0024407

What GUI toolkit are you using? Does it make sense to contact its developer to fix this?


2020-06-05 19:44

reporter   ~0024408

PS: In Ardour 5.12 no such problem was observed.


2020-06-05 21:35

administrator   ~0024411

We use GTK2, which has been end-of-lifed.

Please show screenshots of this happening in 6.0 and *not* happening in 5.12.


2020-06-06 08:18

reporter   ~0024416



2020-06-06 08:19

reporter   ~0024417

Ardour 5.12


2020-06-06 08:21

reporter   ~0024418

The screenshots did not load the first time (probably too large) so I give a link to a third-party service:
Ardour 5.12
Ardour 6

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