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0008183other2020-07-31 07:20
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Summary0008183: unable to move VCA tracks up or down in editor view
Descriptioni can't seem to move VCA tracks up or down in the editor view, like you can move midi or audio tracks and bus with control and up arrow key. it would easier to manange project if u have VCA near the assigned tracks rather than scrolling up and down again.
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2020-06-02 22:06

administrator   ~0024358

This is intentional. Like in the mixer window, VCAs are always last (on a separate pane). You can re-order VCA among themselves.


2020-06-03 02:04

reporter   ~0024360

ok, it would be nice to be able to move them up or down anywhere though.


2020-06-04 02:55

reporter   ~0024372

This would be a "nice to have" for me too, in both the editor and mixer windows. The mixer part of it would mirror what I can do with some hardware mixers -- e.g, put a VCA for drums next to the drum channels [on one layer, and put just the VCA on other layer(s) with other instruments or with other VCAs -- although this part is OT from apoorv569's original request]. The separate pane is useful too, so I'm not advocating getting rid of that. I guess if one were dreaming and not too concerned with pesky details like how to implement it, it could be cool to allow managing (creating, deleting, naming(?), moving) panes and assigning "slots" (regular tracks, buses, VCAs) to panes. Just thinking out loud there, sorry..!


2020-07-03 04:04

administrator   ~0024570

we tried this when VCAs where originally implemented. we made the specific decision that it led to too much potential confusion and/or requirements for user options. Ardour has way too many options already - each individual one that you want is great, but the overall effect is numbing.

so we're not going to do this, sorry. don3's idea stands more of a chance (probably related to groups in some way too), but it will not be much of a priority.


2020-07-31 07:20

viewer   ~0024869

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