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0008172ardourfeaturespublic2023-02-06 15:14
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Summary0008172: Pulseaudio record midi to piano roll (feature)
DescriptionI think that it would benefit many people if pulseaudio backend had capabilities to record the virtual midi keyboard (Ardour built in) directly to the piano roll so that you could easily find a good composition in music or just make a song very easily by only recording midi for all of your instruments. I know this works with jack-keyboard and also some alsa alternative but i wish that it would work on pulseaudio also, it's fully possible with decent results as I've tested in another open source daw.
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2020-05-31 19:25

administrator   ~0024330

Could you elaborate? What do you mean with "piano roll", how does this fail?

It's already possible to record the Virtual Keyboard directly on a MIDI track.
The Virtual Keyboard offers a connectable port, and you can connect it like the external jack-keyboard or vmpk to any track in Ardour. Regardless of the backend.

Menu > Window > Virtual Keyboard and then on the MIDI track, connect its port...
vkeybd-connect.png (28,984 bytes)   
vkeybd-connect.png (28,984 bytes)   


2020-06-01 06:53

reporter   ~0024336

That is the great feature i found out recently. I thought this didn't exist in pulseaudio but awesome that this issue don't exist.


2020-06-02 21:57

administrator   ~0024355

So this ticket can be marked resolved, closed?


2020-06-03 09:42

reporter   ~0024363

Yes it's resolved


2023-02-06 15:13

reporter   ~0027298

I wish to delete my account and all information


2023-02-06 15:14

reporter   ~0027299

I wish to delete my account and all information

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