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0008170ardourbugspublic2021-03-19 17:03
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntu StudioOS Version19.10 x64
Product Version6.0 
Summary0008170: MIDI Notes drawn on a grid disappear when the clip size is adjusted to the beginning of the note
DescriptionVideo with bug:
beat grid and sticking enabled

This behavior was sometimes found in 5.12 but in 6 it seems that this always happens (I tried it in two different projects)




2020-05-31 09:48

reporter   ~0024319

This applies not only to the display of notes. This still creates problems just when playing. For example, if I create a note with stickey to the beat grid at the very beginning of the beat, align its beginning with the snap exactly along the line, and then try to click on the beginning of the beat in the snap mode and play the note, then it will not play. It will not play until I start playing at least a little bit earlier than the start of the beat. It seems that in the stikey to beats mode, all notes are drawn a little earlier than the real beginning of the beats, or the transport starts playing a little later than the real beginning of the beats. As a result, the first notes are constantly skipped. This creates a bunch of problems.


2021-01-16 13:53

reporter   ~0025426

In version 6.5 this is still not fixed and it still makes the MIDI writing workflow excruciatingly long.


2021-01-16 14:08

reporter   ~0025427

And I was right about the fact that the notes are drawn a little earlier than the beats. This is how the beginning of a note drawn with sticking to the beginning of measures and beats looks like at MAXIMUM ZOOM.
screen.png (1,970 bytes)   
screen.png (1,970 bytes)   


2021-03-04 15:04

reporter   ~0025592

After moving to 6.6 it got better, but the bug still happens when drawing notes in the region created by cutting the region with scissors.
That is, if you draw a region through D, then the notes in it are aligned correctly, but if you cut off a piece from this region and draw in it, then everything will be the same.
Video example:


2021-03-19 17:03

reporter   ~0025615

Yes. Note beginnings now coincide with the grid (not counting cases from the previous message), however, the length of the notes remained incorrect. They are longer than the selected mesh size. (See screenshot) Because of this, their ends stick out and if you draw several notes in a row one after the other, they will overlap with these extra ends. Such overlapping notes sound only in the place of overlap, that is, they sound very short (practically do not sound). You still have to work separately with each note. Disable snapping mode and shorten them.
screen-2.png (3,395 bytes)   
screen-2.png (3,395 bytes)   

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