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0008166other2020-07-29 10:28
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Summary0008166: Zita stuff
DescriptionJust a question... are zita-convolver and zita-resampler needed when building Mixbus? I'm building them here but I only realised this morning that Mixbus itself doesn't seem to distribute the zita modules.

Also... how do I re-open a closed thread? Originally I thought about adding this to an existing zita thread but I couldn't find a way to re-open it:-
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2020-05-30 12:36

administrator   ~0024307

We use patched version custom versions of those libs and they're part of Ardour's source tree.

External versions of those libraries are not no longer supported. This is because he resampler has new functionality that is not supported in the upstream lib (non interleaved audio data, and bypass), the convolver uses namespaced symbols (see 711f20a469e3).


2020-05-31 08:59

reporter   ~0024317

Thanks Robin - the gcc build links these libraries statically (whereas I've been building them as DLL's) and what confused me was that I couldn't find those DLL's after running the Mixbus installer.

It all makes sense now - thanks!


2020-07-29 10:28

viewer   ~0024852

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