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0008154ardourfeaturespublic2020-06-01 17:38
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Product Version6.0 
Summary0008154: Midi clock should stream always
DescriptionMidi clock should have the option to stream always, like the LTC has, and not only when the transport is running. Many synths and effect units rely on midiclock to work correctly: Arpegiators, LFO's, delays etc. In a a mixed setup, the DAW is usually masterclock! This is a mandatory "option". We don't do sounddesign only when the DAW is running....
Additional InformationBecause there's a "feature" choice on top of the page, I posted tis here. Sorry if it's the wrong place!
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related to 0008153 assignedx42 Midi Real Time messages are sent too early (Mixbus AND Ardour) 



2020-06-01 17:38

administrator   ~0024340

This is likely a won't fix / cannot fix.

The LTC option is mainly there to prevent old video hardware from unspooling the tape. There is a discontinuity when from stop -> play. In case of LTC that is a non-issue. This is not true to MClk.

If MIDI clock is sent as continuous stream, playback can only be started in sync with MIDI-clock generator. stop -> play transition needs to happen exactly "on the music clock grid". Stopping and re-staring the clock would defeat the purpose of sending a continuous stream in the first place.

However Ardour's transport cannot wait and sync-start, particularly not when it is slaved itself. That would need a larger re-design.

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