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0008150ardourbugspublic2020-07-09 08:32
Reporterlaex Assigned Topaul  
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PlatformUbuntu 14.04 (Trusty)OSUbuntuOS Version14.04 (Trusty)
Product Version6.0 
Summary0008150: Click (metronome) is unwantedly assigned to track after restart of audio engine
DescriptionI want the click out to go directly to a hardware-output ONLY and therefore I don't route it to any track input.

After stopping and restarting the audio engine (ALSA), the click is again assigned to input of track 1.
Steps To ReproduceMake sure that the click is not routed to any audio track input.

In audio/midi settings, click stop (so ALSA audio engine stopped), then click start again and see that click is again routed to track input automatically.



2020-05-27 17:35

administrator   ~0024280

Doesn't happen here after following the steps described.


2020-05-28 07:56

reporter   ~0024289

How can I help to investigate further? Could it be related to my setup or audio interface?

It won't be a huge problem for me in real life, just found it while testing all kinds of latency settings for optimizing my setup...

here attached is a screen cast for illustration:


2020-07-03 05:27

administrator   ~0024582

I've tried again here, and cannot replicate this behavior.

All I can suggest is that you try renaming ~/.config/ardour6 and try it again (effectively forcing you back to default preferences for everything).


2020-07-09 08:32

reporter   ~0024656

With Ardour 6.2 and a virgin config folder:

While I was not able to produce it with the click track consistently, I found - even worse - that this also happens with audio tracks and - very interestingly (?) - that it matters, where in the GUI you alter the channel routing:

Reproduce (works 100% here):
Open Ardour 6.2, new session (empty template, defaults), Start audio engine (ALSA or pulseaudio is the same),
add three mono Audio tracks (strict-i/o),
see in Audio Connection Manager (Tracks > Busses) that the three tracks got assigned to Master in (six green dots),
click on all six dots to disconnect all three audio tracks,
in Audio/MIDI Setup: click Stop, then click Start
>>> six green dots reappeared / channels reconnected ???

disconnect channel Audio 1 and 2 via its two*two green dots,
disconnect channel Audio 3 via the button on bottom of its mixer strip (right above "Comments") [same applies to the button in the "Editor Mixer" in editor view],
in Audio/MIDI Setup: click Stop, then click Start
>>> only four green dots reappeared / channels 1 and 2 reconnected ???

... once you alter channel routing via the buttons in Editor or Mixer, this behaviour cannot be reproduced even via the green dots for this specific track!!

Also another inconsistency: if you stop the Audio engine in Audio/MIDI Setup, you are still able to click on the green dots in Audio Connection Manager (at least on the page you have already open in front of you). The dots disappear and one might get the impression that routing was altered. As soon as you restart the audio engine, the dots reappear... Therefore I think it would be better to disable the Audio Connection Manager completely if Audio engine is stopped...

Compare: It is better solved in the mixer, where you get the message "The current operation is not possible because of an error communicating with the audio hardware" is displayed immediately when you try to change routing while the audio engine is stopped...

So I hope this helped a step further...? The title of the post is no longer accurate, but I am not able to change it and was not sure if it would be better to open a new bug...?

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