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0008149ardourbugspublic2020-07-25 13:14
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Product Version6.0 
Summary0008149: Layer display (Ovelaid/Stacked) doesn't apply to selected tracks anymore.
DescriptionLayer display (Ovelaid/Stacked) doesn't apply to all selected tracks anymore but the clicked one.

Looking at code this seems to be an intentional change, but it was handy to apply layering to all selected tracks.
Steps To Reproduce- Add 2 or more tracks
- Select 2 or more tracks
- Right click on a selected track header in editor and select "Layers=>Stacked"

Layering apply only to the clicked track.
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2020-06-27 01:57

reporter   ~0024513

I would like to second this request. Additionally, I would suggest that layering is shared between all regions in grouped tracks, independently of stacking. Especially, the layering in overlaid tracks should always follow the layering in stacked tracks of the same group. This is currently not the case, which does not make sense. It is, however, the case, if all tracks of that group are stacked.
Further (related?), changing the layer in a stacked track by moving a region up and down e.g. with the mouse sometimes destroys the group-locking of the regions in a group.

If layering is consistent between stacked and overlaid tracks in a group, having e.g. only the top track of a group stacked and the others overlaid would be very useful, as it would save vertical space, which is especially welcome when using stacking to organize multiple takes of the same piece/place (which I personally find a very useful strategy), especially in multi-channel-projects.


2020-07-02 19:48

administrator   ~0024565

It is not possible to make layering consistent between tracks,. since their contents are not required to be the same.

Take management needs dramatic improval but this is not how we have been thinking about doing this.


2020-07-02 20:52

administrator   ~0024567

Yes, the layering action change was deliberate. The per-track menu now only affects that track. What was missing was the menu item in the global Tracks menu. I've just added that, and believe that should resolve this issue.


2020-07-02 21:54

reporter   ~0024569

@paul: Could you imagine that layering can be made an optionally shared property of groups, similar to e.g. selection? I would find this super useful.


2020-07-25 13:14

viewer   ~0024805

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