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0008133ardourbugspublic2020-05-21 21:42
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PlatformSome Other LinuxOSSome Other LinuxOS Versionunknown
Product Version6.0-pre1 
Summary0008133: Editing nudgle clock not working
DescriptionI struggled with changing the nudge clock. Key strokes were mostly not honoured. The cursor behaved weird and didn't go away. When changing to a different format (Seconds, Samples, Timecode etc.) no value was shown. After playing with it a bit, I even completely confused the software and it was displaying garbage.

I am running Ardour from latest master (08d4350ddf).

Attached please find two videos:
NudgeClockPartlyNoReactionAndNoValues.mp4 (note that I try to enter numbers while nothing is happening in the video)
NudgeClockGarbage.mp4 (after entering a lot of numbers, garbage is displayed)
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2020-05-21 21:42

reporter   ~0024222

Uploading the videos failed. You can find them here:

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