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0008131ardourfeaturespublic2020-05-21 19:02
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Summary0008131: Make the first automation point equal to 0
DescriptionI suggest making the first automation point equal to 0.
We are talking about the point that is created automatically at the very beginning of the track. (Let's continue to call it "the first auto point", so as not to confuse it with the first point that you create yourself.)

Now if you create the first point on an empty map, the first auto point will be equal in value to the first point (the one you created) It's never convenient for me.
If I'm trying to create automation, it means that at some point in the track I'm no longer satisfied with some parameter, such as the volume. I want to change it specifically in this place where it does not suit me and I do not want to change it at the beginning of the track, because everything was OK there. I've already taken care of the volume there. But with the behavior that we have now, I put the first volume point somewhere in the middle and all the volume to the left of this point rises to this value. I always have to scroll the track to the very beginning and fix the first auto point.
Moreover, the process is not fast, it is very difficult to get to 0.0 with mouse, you have to right-click, select "set value" and enter it from the keyboard.



2020-05-21 11:36

administrator   ~0024216

Perhaps try Preferences > Editor > "Ignore Y-axis click position when adding new automation-points" when drawing automation.

In this case new automation points are on the line between previous automation points. and if there are none. The current (with fallback to default) for a given control is used.

"0" isn't reasonable, many control-parameters (e.g. Frequency) don't have a 0.


2020-05-21 13:32

reporter   ~0024218

> "0" isn't reasonable, many control-parameters (e.g. Frequency) don't have a 0.
Yes, I was really overreacting with zero, but you can take the current value of this parameter instead of zero. After all, when someone is going to add an automation point, they already have a certain level of this parameter.

> Preferences > Editor > "Ignore Y-axis click position when adding new automation-points" when drawing automation
Thanks for the advice, it helped me find a more convenient way to do this :) You can do the same if you add points in edit mode (E) instead of drawing mode (D). This is quite fast, so you can not change anything.
Although... it seems to me that the option with the first auto point taken from the current parameter value would be more intuitive and easier for users. In the end it's up to you :) Thank you again for your help.


2020-05-21 19:02

reporter   ~0024219

I agree with the first created point being the current value of that parameter, this clearly isn't something revolutionary in the Ardour workflow but little quality of life stuff implemented like this one sums up quite drastically in the end in my opinion :)

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