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0008128ardourbugspublic2022-01-20 14:55
ReporterCTS Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformApple MacintoshOSmacOSOS Version10.15.4
Product Version6.0-pre1 
Summary0008128: First note of MIDI clip not visible in UI
DescriptionSeems like MIDI notes can disappear from the UI when the leading edge of the MIDI region is adjusted to touch note onsets. The notes do still sound however, so they are still there and audio is behaving correctly.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create empty MIDI region
2. Draw some notes on the grid
3. Adjust start of MIDI region until it touches the beginning of a MIDI note (both region edge & note onset snapped to the grid)
Additional InformationVersion is 6.0.rc1.371


related to 0007947 assignedpaul Midi note micro-shifted on region resize 
related to 0008217 new MIDI note becoming invisible when trimming region with first note perfectly quatized 



2020-05-20 06:45

reporter   ~0024212

Update. In some instances the note no longer sounds after it disappears in the UI. I am seeing both behaviors - sometimes notes DO sound and are invisible and sometimes they neither sound nor are visible.


2020-05-24 23:02

reporter   ~0024263

After a bit more examination and looking at other issues, I think this is just another symptom of issue 7947. Looks like sometimes MIDI notes get microshifted forwards and backwards in various scenarios and quantization/snapping only moves notes to some offset compared to the grid.

In my case, it seems like MIDI notes that had been shifted forwards slightly were being removed when the region start snapped to the grid, which is expected since the note onset occurs before the snap point.


2021-12-27 19:44

reporter   ~0026282

In my case here, I imported a midi file, created with Musescore, I split the region with the cut tool.
Consistently all notes at the starting edge of split regions disappear.

Running Ardour 6.9, rev 6.9~ds0-1 on Ubuntustudio 21.10


2022-01-20 14:55

viewer   ~0026305

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