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0008125ardourbugspublic2020-05-19 19:48
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PlatformLinuxOSDebian BusterOS VersionAV Linux
Product Version6.0-pre1 
Summary0008125: Mixer window "fader belts" flicker when grouped tracks have automation played back
DescriptionIf you automate tracks that are grouped all at once (ie a group of 4 tracks that have 'Write' enabled) when you are done writing the automation and put the grouped tracks all in 'Play' mode the fader belts flicker up and down and the numerical values on the mixer tracks also fluctuate rapidly. This issue seems to be visual in nature because the volume of the tracks seem to obey the written automation values.
Steps To Reproduce1. Make a number of tracks into a Group
2. Enable all of the tracks for 'Write' Automation so that moving one fader in the grouped tracks controls them all..
3. Write your Automation
4. Switch tracks to 'Play' for the automation
5. Grouped tracks will flicker
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2020-05-19 19:48

administrator   ~0024208

The issue at hand is session specific. For some reason the automation itself is flickering. Since there are regular dips it looks like an issue with adding guard points:
weird_automation.png (72,745 bytes)   
weird_automation.png (72,745 bytes)   
joy_automation.png (37,789 bytes)   
joy_automation.png (37,789 bytes)   

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