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0008116bugs2020-07-14 19:49
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Platformx86-amd64OSDebianOS VersionTesting Bullseye
Product Version6.0-pre1 
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Summary0008116: Ardour refuses to load midi file recorded by GrandOrgue
DescriptionI made a midi recording using GrandOrgue and tried to import it into Ardour (c79b56d0692e92d67af6cfa36233e7709339ce68), it says "One or more of the selected files
cannot be used by Ardour". I tried it with a long recording and also with a very short one where I only play a C once. GrandOrgue somehow records the organ stops used by the organist, perhaps that causes trouble. I also tried disabling all stops, no difference.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open new session
2. Try to import attached midi file



2020-05-15 19:49


ardour-test.mid (4,150 bytes)


2020-05-15 20:47

administrator   ~0024157

This MIDI files uses SMPTE/timecode timestamps, not musical ticks. The SMF library we use does not support this internally, and Ardour would not want to use it even if the library could use it.

There is likely an option in the application that generated it to control what sort of time to use when writing the file.


2020-07-14 19:49

viewer   ~0024740

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