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0008114ardourbugspublic2020-05-16 14:19
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PlatformPCOSManjaro LinuxOS VersionKDE
Product Version5.12 
Summary0008114: Regular playback dropouts due to [ERROR]: JACK: Cannot callback the server in notification thread!
DescriptionOn my livestreams I use Ardour to play viewers submissions. It's usually a dozen WAV files in the session on a single track, playing one at a time.

However I regularly get audio dropouts. This is something that happens since I remember (I've been doing the streams for more than a year now, every month).

I've checked and Ardour spews a bunch of error messages every time it happens, and all of them look exactly the same:

[ERROR]: JACK: Cannot callback the server in notification thread!

I've tested in Zrythm, and it plays back fine, no dropouts, and no JACK errors.

I haven't yet tested with 6.0 just yet.

Can anybody reproduce this?
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2020-05-16 14:19

administrator   ~0024169

(1) regular drop outs are the issue here, and may or may not be ardour related
(2) what version of JACK ?
(3) we're unlikely to pay this any attention unless it also happens in 6.0

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