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0008111bugs2020-07-13 10:33
ReporterahellquistAssigned Topaul 
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Product Version6.0-pre1 
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Summary0008111: Ardour 6.0.rc1.298 Huge spike when looping audio tracks +40dB
DescriptionLooping audio spikes at loop cycle. Huge blast in output.
Ubuntu studio 20.04
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related to 0008001 closedpaul Playhead and audio get out of sync when loop range is changed whilst playing 



2020-05-14 10:33



2020-05-14 14:47

reporter   ~0024147

I get the same spike when looping an imported audio region in rc1.298. This does not occur in rc1.251.


2020-05-14 21:27

administrator   ~0024148

I need a precise recipe in order to work on this. Both myself and other users have not noticed this when testing other looping-related fixes.


2020-05-14 23:06

administrator   ~0024149

Please also report on Edit > Preferences > Transport > Loop fade settings.


2020-05-14 23:28

reporter   ~0024150

I have a simple session that I have been using for a while containing a few tracks with drum loops as well as pianoteq and a few U-he synths. I use the session for practice and today I just noticed the 40dB Spike and all the red overload indicators. Maybe this is related to all the things been done to loop off by one stuff and is purely caused by my session not being compatible with those changes?

How can I help since there is no clear recepie but apparently I am not alone.


2020-05-15 02:03

administrator   ~0024151

Just attach the archive (Session > Archive) of the session and I can test it here.


2020-05-15 19:01

reporter   ~0024153

My 1.2 MB session file seems to be too big for mantis..

It is below 2MB and should work.. why ?

<html> <head><title>413 Request Entity Too Large</title></head> <body bgcolor="white"> <center><h1>413 Request Entity Too Large</h1></center> <hr><center>nginx</center> </body> </html>
Remove file


2020-05-15 19:12

administrator   ~0024154

Email it to me via


2020-05-15 19:44

reporter   ~0024156

session file sent by email


2020-05-15 21:10

reporter   ~0024159

I think I have a clue to this problem.
i did listen to this session again after sending it to paul and the problem did not manifest during a few loops..

By mistake I sometimes left ardour nighly looping a few hours (this is the demo version that goes silent) and I think the odd behavior i related to the silence part. When left in loop for a long time, Ardour can make subtle noises when looping (after it has gone "silent") and that noise is slowly building up after some time.

When I fiddle with nightly builds I tend to snooze the silencer many many times and I suspect that is not handled correctly by Ardour and might give spikes down the road.. Maybe this is true for MMP404 too ?


2020-05-15 22:43

reporter   ~0024160

I can reproduce this issue. The 40db peak happens when the loop begins at 00:00:00. It doesn't need to contain any audio.


2020-05-15 22:43

reporter   ~0024161

Ardour 6.0.rc1.298


2020-05-15 22:46

reporter   ~0024162

And it only happens with "Corss-Fade loop end and start" for me.


2020-05-15 22:51

reporter   ~0024163

great, I was beginning to question myself since after sending my session to Paul, I did not experience the issue..


2020-05-15 23:29

administrator   ~0024167

@krischan941: thanks!

fixed as of d812c77362


2020-07-13 10:33

viewer   ~0024724

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