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0008109bugs2020-05-13 19:50
ReportermuzikermammothAssigned Tox42 
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Product Version5.12 
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Summary0008109: In a bus, clicking on the multichannel panner doesn't display the proper channel panner
DescriptionWhen there are mulitple busses with multichannel input output, clicking on the panner does not pop up a window with the corresponding channel. It shows some other panel instead.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a bus with 8 channels. Create a few more busses by duplicating. Now click on the panner and move the panning handles around. Click on some other bus panner. The panner window doesn't show the selected panner but the first clicked panner instead.
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2020-05-13 16:11

administrator   ~0024132

The popup panner editor does not follow selection. There is a dedicated window for every mixer-strip, you can have multiple of those panner-edit windows, side by side.


2020-05-13 16:22

reporter   ~0024133

So how do i interpret what the popup panner shows? And if that is the case, then how can i set per strip width? In the popup panner, there's a width setting that controls the angle where the channel source arrangements are.

I want to send a stereo input from external into a dedicated track, to a group bus, and into a master with 9 outputs that feeds into an ambisonic encoder/decoder system. I can do the same with pure data, by routing input from puredata to individual outputs from ardour into a vbap panner into an ambisonic encoder/decoder pipeline, but now want to do the same, but without pure data, and relying on vbap from ardour.


2020-05-13 16:36

reporter   ~0024134

Found the real bug.

In the Editor mode, clicking on the channel strip's panner to show the popup panner, the popup will only show a version of a panner regardless of which track is highlighted. This popup panner might now show the actual panner of any of the tracks. It is editable but the changes will not be reflected on any track's panner.

However in Mixer mode, clicking on any panner will show the correct popup panner of the track.


2020-05-13 19:50

administrator   ~0024140

Fixed in 6.0-rc1-289-g8ac4cac07d
As with mono/stereo panner, the 2D GUI is now hidden when the editor-mixer channelstrip changes.

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