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0008108ardourfeaturespublic2020-07-06 06:54
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Summary0008108: Hardware abstraction layer
DescriptionIt would be great, if Ardour will provide functionality to creating hardware abstraction layer, which will be usable through whole DAW.
I mean next:
1. Create settings dialog, where will be possible to define virtual inputs/outputs and their mapping to currently connected hardware and also to previously connected hardware(s).
In this dialog provide import/export functionality of defined virtual inputs/outputs and their mapping to real hardware.
This dialog will be applicable on session level and also on global settings level.
2. During initialization of hardware : for currently connected hardware try to find previously defined mapping to virtual inputs/outputs.
    If it exists on session level, use session level mapping else
    If it exists on global level, use global level mapping else
    If it does not exist - create virtual inputs/outputs as a copy of set of all inputs/outputs of currently connected hardware and save it (on global level).
3. In Ardour use everywhere virtual inputs/outputs instead of real hardware inputs/outputs.

Why it will be a benefit?

We are using Ardour for colaboration between our music band members. Each of us has different hardware and everytime, when we exchange our project between us, we have to map our hardware to inputs/outputs of ardour tracks/busses …
If there will be this abstraction layer, everytime, when we will exchange our session, mapping of virtual inputs/outpust will to appropriate hardware will be applied without next changing of session settings …

This description is just concept, but I hope, that idea is clear …
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2020-07-06 06:54



2020-07-06 06:54

reporter   ~0024615

Any possibility to implement this feature or something suitable ?
It's almost done in Presonus Studio One. Screenshots attached.
It would be great to have it also in Ardour :-)

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