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0008085features2020-10-27 11:32
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Summary0008085: Aubio Pitch Detection
DescriptionPlease include the aubio pitch detection VAMP plugin with Ardour. I've found it to be more useful and the pyin one. Thanks
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2020-05-04 21:11

administrator   ~0024062

Ardour uses aubio for onset detection, and since libaubio version 0.4 removed multi-channel support, Ardour still comes with the old aubio 0.3 version..

So some additional work has to be done first before we can ship recent vamp-aubio-plugins with pitch detection.


2020-05-04 22:10

reporter   ~0024065

I'm using the plugin at the moment, downloaded from the aubio site and it seems to work without issue.


2020-10-27 08:59

reporter   ~0025165

Is this a lv2 plugin, also does it have. GUI


2020-10-27 11:32

reporter   ~0025167

No it's a VAMP plugin which can be used by Ardour in a lua script for analysys purposes -

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