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0008080bugs2020-07-02 01:07
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Product Version6.0-pre1 
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Summary0008080: Pulseaudio backend doesn't allow MIDI
DescriptionUsing the Pulseaudio backend should allow MIDI using ALSA.
Steps To ReproduceChoose the Pulseaudio backend for sound. MIDI is unavailable.
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2020-05-03 02:44

administrator   ~0024041

Pulseaudio does not handle MIDI. It's audio only.
In Ardour's case pulseaudio is also used for playback only, since Pulse cannot provide nor guarantee a reliable latency.

Pipewire may eventually be able to provide MIDI (and also reliable I/O latency) for Ardour.


2020-07-02 01:07

viewer   ~0024557

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