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0008071documentation2020-06-29 14:40
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Product Version6.0-pre1 
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Summary0008071: Typo in message
DescriptionWhile I am working on ardour 6.0 translation, I see this typo in :
"It is not possible to use JACK as the the sync source\n"
note the word "the" appears repeated
I think it should should read:
"It is not possible to use JACK as the sync source\n"

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2020-04-30 15:15

administrator   ~0024012

That was already correct as part of the German translation:
I think you have to run `./waf i18n` to pick up the change.


2020-05-07 20:12

reporter   ~0024094

Sure, done.
Next time, I will run ./waf i18n before reporting a typo.
Thank you


2020-06-29 14:40

viewer   ~0024525

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