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0008039ardourbugspublic2020-06-20 11:10
Reporterslavikator Assigned Topaul  
Status closedResolutionwon't fix 
PlatformSome Other LinuxOSArch OS Versionunknown
Product Version6.0-pre1 
Summary0008039: Punch record inside loop range
DescriptionAfter pressing "L" it should start playback loop range and record punch range. But! It records the whole loop range.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a loop range.
Create a punch range inside the loop range.
Marck track to record.
Mark master record.
Press "L"

Playback and record start simultaneously for all loop range. But should start playback first and then a record inside the punch range.
Additional InformationThis issue I had been noticed some years ago but not reported.
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2020-04-21 11:07



2020-04-21 14:48

administrator   ~0023840

How did you manage to to loop record with punch enabled? They are mutually exclusive and it should be impossible in Ardour 6.


2020-04-22 10:59

reporter   ~0023853

Creating loop range, then punch range, press in/out, master rec, track rec. "L" key for start recording.


2020-04-22 13:50

administrator   ~0023855

Odd, in Ardour6-rc1 this disable Punch In/Out. -- Which version of Ardour are you using (Menu > Help > About)


2020-04-23 17:06


Screenshot_20200423_200441.png (151,373 bytes)   
Screenshot_20200423_200441.png (151,373 bytes)   


2020-04-23 17:07

reporter   ~0023881

the version from AUR
Screenshot_20200423_200716.png (10,355 bytes)   
Screenshot_20200423_200716.png (10,355 bytes)   


2020-04-23 17:10

reporter   ~0023882

The same in Mixbus
Screenshot_20200423_200949.png (115,290 bytes)   
Screenshot_20200423_200949.png (115,290 bytes)   


2020-04-23 23:43

administrator   ~0023887

Last edited: 2020-04-23 23:44

Looks good so far. None of the screenshots show the loop-transport button. When you start loop recording, punch should be disabled and the controls become insensitive.


2020-04-23 23:48

administrator   ~0023888

When Looping punch in/out buttons are insensitive (grayed out):
loop_no_punch.png (41,841 bytes)   
loop_no_punch.png (41,841 bytes)   


2020-04-24 08:24

reporter   ~0023893

Doesn't intuitive than. I just select loop range, punch range, and press "L" key on the keyboard - couldn't see that it was disabled. On the other hand, why this feature cannot be implemented? It would be useful. IF it worked correctly I would use it in non-layered mode all the time.


2020-04-24 15:08

administrator   ~0023899

It is very hard to implement this and maintain capture alignment. The time required to make it work correctly is no relationship to the usefulness of the feature.

All other DAWs that I know of only have a single record-range that is either used for Punch or Loop. In hindsight it was perhaps a mistake to separate them for Ardour.

Another problem is that the ranges may overlap. You could have punch-in before a loop-start, or disable punch-out.
There is only one valid combination (punch inside loop and punch in/out enabled), and more than 20 other possible overlap scenarios that don't make sense.
Not to mention the settings can be changed while recording.


2020-04-24 21:51

administrator   ~0023905

This is not solvable in any sensible way.

Loop and punch recording should be mutually exclusive, and there should be a bug report pointing that out.


2020-04-25 07:22

reporter   ~0023906

Thx for the explanation and sorry for wasting your time.

Have a grate day!


2020-06-20 11:10

viewer   ~0024486

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