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0008024ardourfeaturespublic2023-06-17 20:46
Reporteralesprochazka Assigned Tox42  
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Product Version6.0-pre1 
Summary0008024: Allow sends to buses have separate pan
DescriptionAdd possibility to set independent pan to each send of track/bus to another buss.
Same as is for foldback busses.
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2020-04-22 16:01

reporter   ~0023857

This is already possible. In fact that is the only reason Foldback sends have it. Right click on the send and select the "Send Options" sub menu. Uncheck the "Link panner controls" check box and then when the show sends button is pressed on the aux bus, the panner will control just the send panner and not the main panner. It is perhaps unfortunate that Controls for the send does not include pan as an option but that could be confusing if the send pan is linked to the main pan which is the most likely use (default).


2020-04-22 16:44

reporter   ~0023861

Thanks @ovenwerks. I didn't know this option. It's quite hidden. So in that case it would be nice to have possibility to unlink pan of send directly from pan control somehow, when sends of bus are shown :-) But it's task for some UX designer ...
And when it's unlinked, it's missing small pan control right next to send label/panel, similar as is used in foldback bus, and also some visual information, that pan is unlinked ...
Anyhow, I can live with it as is.


2020-04-22 17:30

administrator   ~0023864

Last edited: 2020-04-22 17:32

The panner of the send can be any of the available panner types: mono-to-stereo, stereo-balance, stereo-width, VBAP,..
A single azimuth slider is not sufficient. So it is not displayed inline.
Furthermore stereo-width constrains the azimuth range, and a simple slider or knob cannot represent this.

There's also "Preferences > Mixer > Link panners of Aux and External Sends with main panner by default" (on by default)


2020-04-23 09:30


ArdourPans.png (201,372 bytes)   
ArdourPans.png (201,372 bytes)   


2020-04-23 09:30

reporter   ~0023872

I've created some sample, how it could be (attached).
And regarding linking/unlinking panner from main panner, there could be command directly on context menu (right click on PANNER), when "Show Sends" of BUS is active.


2020-04-23 22:57

administrator   ~0023883

You example is nicely constructed to have space to show an icon to the right. This is not usually the case with longer bus names, or with narrow strip mode.
Also I'm not sure if a "Lock" is appropriate. A "Link" symbol perhaps, or rather "Unlinked" could be pre-fixed to the name (so always visible regardless of name-length). or simply changing the color of the send.

So far I've just prefixed a caret (^) to the name (this is similar to the asterisk that is used for replicate processors). When editing unlinked send-panners the panner widget changes color (so far "contrasting alt" foreground, which is orange in the default theme) in 6.0-rc1-73


2020-04-24 12:07

reporter   ~0023895

It looks better now :-) Tested on 6.0-rc1-82 (Windows)

Just 2 comments:
- Please, remove space character between caret '^' and first character of buss name to have more space for buss name.
- if it's possible, add command for link/unlink send-panner to/from main-panner into context menu of panner, when "Show Sends" of bus is active. I mean those popup menu, which contains "Bypass", "Reset", "Edit ..." commands.


2020-04-25 14:37

administrator   ~0023910

I've added it the context menu, so far (due to translation string-freeze) "Link panner controls" (Eventually this should be "Link to route panner") in 6.0-rc1-99-g7751841b78

As for the former, with wide-strip mode there is always a space after any text/symbol indicator flags.
This is also consistent with indicators used with regions in the editor.


2023-06-17 20:46

administrator   ~0027791

Separate [aux] send panning is available since 6.0

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