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0008010ardourfeaturespublic2020-04-12 19:43
Reportercolinf Assigned To 
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Product Version6.0-pre1 
Summary0008010: Region ends don't snap to markers
DescriptionEven if 'Markers' and 'Region Ends' are both enabled as snap targets. dragging a region doesn't snap the region's end to markers: I feel it probably should.
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2020-04-12 19:10

administrator   ~0021315

As far as I can tell "Prefs > Editor> Snap To > Region Ends" is about snapping something to region-ends of regions on the timeline.

When trimming region start or end, they always snap to the selected snap-to targets.
Snapping to markers works here, except it only works for markers (not ranges)


2020-04-12 19:43

updater   ~0021318

In that case, call this a feature request :)

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