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0007967ardourotherpublic2020-05-03 13:51
Reporterbaldpale Assigned Topaul  
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PlatformLinuxOSArch LinuxOS Versioncurrent
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007967: Cannot pin desktop entry into KDE taskbars
DescriptionThis is a very simple issue with the application launcher. Ardour .desktop file point to /usr/bin/ardour5 which is a shell script, so then the target process name (the one displaying GUI) is different. When using default KDE Plasma taskbar or Latte Dock, there's no way to pin that app to the bar so it acts like all apps. This may affect other taskbars as well.

I solved that on my machine by adding following lines to /usr/share/applications/ardour.desktop (or to copy of that file in ~/.local/share/applications/):

StartupWMClass=ardour_ardour ardour

I already reported a bug to Arch Linux bugtracker
The package maintainer sent me here, though.
Steps To Reproduce1. Use KDE Plasma taskbar with icons or Latte Dock
2. Pin to the bar using right click on icon or drag the icon from menu
3. It will either create icon that doesn't work at all, or working activator that is not connected to the opened application window.
Additional InformationPackage name: community/ardour 5.12-13 (pro-audio)
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has duplicate 0007969 new Crash at start in KDE Neon whit Global menu 



2020-04-03 14:54

administrator   ~0021156

Is this a bug report for the Arch package of Ardour, or for the binary package from, or a self-build followed by ./waf install ?


2020-04-03 15:45

reporter   ~0021157

I honestly don't know. Arch Linux package maintainer said it's the "upstream" package that contains the .desktop file. Isn't the .desktop file suppose to reside in the source package?


2020-04-03 15:46

reporter   ~0021158

And yes, to be precise I just installed Ardour from the official repository of Arch.


2020-05-02 23:57

administrator   ~0024040

We don't support distribution builds. If the maintainer wants to point at a particular issue with our code that makes it hard for them to get it right, we'll listen. But we do not and cannot support distro builds.


2020-05-03 07:46

reporter   ~0024042

Reportong such a bug makes no sense then. Please close it and let's just forget it. I see something might have changed in KDE Plasma and now it actually works fine without the StartupWMClass entry.


2020-05-03 13:51

administrator   ~0024050

see previous note(s).

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