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0007942bugs2020-05-26 08:37
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Summary0007942: Disallow placement of a CD marker at location zero
DescriptionArdour allows placement of a CD marker at location zero, e.g. create a CD marker and shift it to leftmost. This is not allowed according to the Red Book.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a new project.
Import some audio.
Create a CD marker.
Shift the marker to leftmost (0:00:00:00).

A message is added to the log window: [ERROR]: You cannot put a CD marker at the start of the session.
This will most likely go unnoticed.
Additional InformationSince the marker and all its associated information will get lost upon save/restore, I think it is better to issue a pop-up error dialog.

See also issue
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related to 0007936 new CD marker gets lost when at zero 



2020-03-28 16:59

administrator   ~0021075

fixed in 144bfb6278]


2020-05-26 08:37

viewer   ~0024269

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