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0007935bugs2020-03-24 11:43
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Summary0007935: Pan Automation is not working in Play mode
DescriptionI can draw automation curves for L/R and Width of Pan Automation in Play mode but when i playback they don't change the pan at all. The bars next to X button on the Automation Lane do not change at all. Normally they should move during playback according to curves. Panner View on the Audio/MIDI Mixer Strip works fine. It displays panning according to curves.

I have this problem only for Panning. Other automations such as Trimming works just fine.
Additional InformationI opened an older session to check if this problem is specific to my current session. but older session that used to be ok with panning is also not working.
I also tried if i have similar problem in LMMS. but no.
I uninstalled ardour and installed again. But i still have the problem.
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2020-03-23 23:13

administrator   ~0021042

Which panner?

for VBAP (> 2 channels) this is expected. Mono, stereo and balance automation should work though.


2020-03-24 11:40

reporter   ~0021044

it was stereo panner.
but it's working now.
i don't understand.
nevermind. probably i was mistaken somehow.
i'm closing this.
thanks anyway.


2020-03-24 11:43

reporter   ~0021045

Reporter's mistake

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