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0007934ardourotherpublic2020-03-20 10:59
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Product Version5.12 
Summary0007934: Changed soundcard, ardour does not produce sound
DescriptionI used to use ardour with a Sennheiser 3D G4ME audio interface, which I have just today replaced with a Scarlett Focusrite 4i4 audio interface, however when I launch Ardour 5, as my default configuration, using Portaudio and MME, I am unable to hear anything inside Adour. I have tried changing settings but to no avail.
When the sound card is not plugged in, no sound is produced either.
When Ardour is launched in safe mode without the sound card plugged in, sound is produced.
In safe mode with sound card, no sound is produced.
Please help, thank you in advance.
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related to 0007933 closedx42 No sound produced since changing sound card 


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