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0007932bugs2020-04-08 01:35
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PlatformWindows 10OSWindowsOS Version10
Product VersionMixbus 6.x 
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Summary0007932: LTC output assign not saved
DescriptionSelect an output for LTC and save project. Open project connection not remembered.
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2020-04-02 14:52

administrator   ~0021135

LTC output is usually a studio setup, the connection is a session-independent configuration.

Ardour used a "hidden" preference for that. Now since 6.0-pre1-97-g849bce6e4d it is exposed in the dialog: Preference > LTC > Port..


2020-04-04 04:44

reporter   ~0021161

ardour should absolutely remember that config per session. it is a per session function.


2020-04-04 04:45

reporter   ~0021162

to be clear Robin, I am referring to Ardours LTC output


2020-04-04 11:59

administrator   ~0021166

This is for the LTC generator, It's a dedicated session-independent output port.

If you synchronize a video projector or some other equipment using timecode, this setup should not depend on the session, but on the studio were Ardour is used it,


2020-04-04 22:27

reporter   ~0021172

I fail to see the reasoning. MTC output assignments are saved per session. why not LTC? makes no sense at all. it is required.


2020-04-05 22:16

administrator   ~0021200

The main reason is that LTC generator is a preference (session independent).
I'd argue that, since MTC generator is also a preference, it should behave like current LTC, and use a fixed default auto-connection in preferences.

The root of the issue is that due to historical reasons (JACK), Ardour only saves current connections. So when you move a session around, connections can be lost.
e.g. connect some output to "playback_17", then open+save the session on a laptop with stereo sound-card out only, and later open it on a studio box again.

On the laptop the LTC generator may not even be enabled (it's a session-independent preference), and on the studio machine it is rather inconvenient that the connection is not set.

mid/long term Ardour should remember connections per interface, which is a prerequisite to properly addressing this issue.


2020-04-08 01:35

reporter   ~0021247

In my experience this kind of setup is always static, and therefore must be part of the saved session. It's changeable anyway, so why not give userland what it wants? My equipment doesn't change between sessions ,but if it did, I can change it. I recommend not changing the current MTC save status for certain ! my 2c

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