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0007924translation2020-07-01 16:21
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Summary0007924: [menu / fades] Mistake in German translation / maybe emprovement for English too?
DescriptionThere is a mistake in the German menu:
> Edit / Fade / Fade In Length
is translated to:
> Bearbeiten / Fade / Fade-In bis Positionsanzeiger

That literally means “Fade In to Playhead” and that is wrong, because the fade is done to the Edit Point!

The solution could be: “Fade-In-Länge” (English: Fade In Length), or maybe “Fade-In setzen” (English: Set Fade In), or maybe “Fade-In bis Arbeitspunkt” (English: Fade In to Edit Point).

Quite honestly, the last option would be most logical IMHO, even for the English version!?

Thanks for your attention!
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2020-06-30 07:43

reporter   ~0024528

I have corrected the translation for Ardour 6 (gtk2_ardour/, currently line 1577 and 1578, where the string has changed to "Set Fade In Length", to be literal: "Fade-In Länge setzen"), see pull request 0000530 at Ardour's github mirror. Same for the Fade Out action.

Once the PR is merged, this ticket can be closed.


2020-07-01 16:21

administrator   ~0024543

Fixed by merging

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