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0007920bugs2020-05-03 11:39
ReporterwargreenAssigned Topaul 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platformx86_64OSDebianOS VersionTesting / Sid
Product Version6.0-pre0 
Fixed in Version 
Summary0007920: Audio output silenced at the first loop
DescriptionWhen looping with the attached session, a moment in the first loop was silent.
The second loop is perfect.
Steps To ReproduceOpen the attached session
Loop play.
Additional InformationArdour-6.0.pre0.3574
Ardour/Alsa or Ardour/Jack/Alsa
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2020-03-04 11:39

reporter   ~0021005

Attached session doesn't upload


2020-03-04 12:33

reporter   ~0021006

The session file seem to large, you can find it here :


2020-03-11 14:54

administrator   ~0021019

This is probably fixed in git master now. Can you please confirm?


2020-03-26 02:16

reporter   ~0021051

Sorry for the time !
With 6.0-pre0-3737, i have the same problem. It happen always at the same timing, regardless the buffersize.


2020-03-26 02:45

administrator   ~0021052

I downloaded the session, tested with 6.0-pre0-3766 ... i am missing 5 plugins ... no issues looping here.
Please run in safe mode ("disable all plugins") and see if works.


2020-03-27 00:05

reporter   ~0021055

After tests with Ardour pre1, I got the silence watever the plugins enable, the buffersize, the output via alsa or jack... On two computers running debian SID and Testing.
The problem happen a little bit before the middle of the first loop.
I belive that x42 have already work on a similar issue (via IRC).

Attached two screen of the recorded output via jack.
On the second one we can see a correctly declicked output.

After other tests, it seem that the problem disapear after i move the loop markers, but reapear if i disable/enable the loop mode (with "The loop button is a play mode" option enable)


2020-03-27 00:45

reporter   ~0021056

Another thing : when the silence happen, i see alls the vu-meters falling, so it seem to me that the problem happen at the input of the tracks or at the file reading.


2020-04-01 02:55

administrator   ~0021121

This is now fixed in master. Thanks very much for the report. Please let us know if you agree that it is fixed.


2020-04-05 03:28

reporter   ~0021174

In my original session, this issue don't happen anymore !
Thank you very much !


2020-04-05 17:19

administrator   ~0021186

please mark as closed.


2020-05-03 11:39

viewer   ~0024046

Issue has been closed automatically, by Trigger Close Plugin.
Feel free to re-open with additional information if you think the issue is not resolved.

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