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0007915bugs2020-04-26 20:09
Reportermantis_n1oifAssigned Tox42 
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Product Version6.0-pre0 
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Summary0007915: Clicking session ?open, then hitting ESC opens the currently selected folder and session
DescriptionInside the ardour GUI, I'll often go to open a new session and then change my mind once the window is open. My natural instinct is to hit ESC which should have the same behavior as "cancel".

Instead, and jarringly, it'll open up whatever the currently selected folder is (usually the top one because that's the default).
Steps To ReproduceOpen ardour
Go to open session, let dialog window open
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2020-02-27 22:28

administrator   ~0020985

Fixed in 6.0-pre0-3546-g8710a2d943


2020-04-26 20:09

viewer   ~0023938

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