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0007887ardourfeaturespublic2020-05-30 12:48
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Summary0007887: Allow routing of multiple tracks with single action
DescriptionIt would be related to this thread:

Apart from the handy subgrouping option it would be nice if when multiple tracks selected an action like "disconnect inputs" would affect all those tracks while holding Shift key maybe. The same way if we want to create a bus inside a group of tracks, e.g we have drum tracks grouped but we want to create a Toms' bus inside that group, we would create that bus "TOMS", then select Toms' tracks, hold shift and click on any of their output buttons then select "TOMS" which would reroute them all at the same time.

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2020-01-27 06:35

administrator   ~0020934

Although there is some utility to what you describe, you really want a separate group for "TOMS" in almost all cases, i think. In which case: create the group, right click on group tab, select "Create New Subgroup Bus". Done.

Yes, there are situations where you really do want the "TOMS" to remain the "Drum" group, but for such cases, you're better off using VCAs and not groups (or VCAs and groups, also possible and easy).

Routing "current selection" to a single place is a rare operation, I would claim, and I don't think it makes sense for routing changes to apply to the current selection in the way that most editing operations should.


2020-01-27 07:40

reporter   ~0020935

Maybe if from the beginning we start creating every bus we are gonna need this is no problem, but I frequently end up rerouting multiple tracks to buses, and these buses into other buses and so on. Maybe at first I wanted just two guitars, but in the way I found I needed another couple, so it would be nice to create those tracks and route them to the already existing GUITARS bus. Or I was working with 4 vocal tracks into one bus, but then I find that I need to split those in two busses, or maybe also with sends, I want to send a number of tracks to the same parallel compression bus/monitoring bus... Or (and this is the las "or" xD) just the matter that prompted me to open this request: I've received a project file from another person, when loading the session all the tracks got automatically assigned input 1, which is the mic from my laptop, so there I had multiple tracks picking up signal from input 1 and when I went onto disconnect them I had to do it one by one, not really a big deal, but as I said, it would be nice if I could just select them, then shift+disconnect : )

I will have to look into using VCAs the way you suggest as I definitively know I am underusing them, but hopefuly this can be of some insight for maybe considering adding this functionality in the future. Thanks for your time! (which by the way I hardly understand how is it the same 24h I have everyday and yet I am in much fewer places doing less stuff... the same goes for Robin x )


2020-05-29 09:12

reporter   ~0024297

I agree with bluebones here, this is something I've been missing. I've started using groups to achieve this, but to me most of the time that's just an extra step when I really just want to route multiple tracks into one.

Also I don't know why, but for miditracks I can create a group, but I can't "Create New Subgroup Bus", so I often times have to route tracks individually. This is a separate issue, but in both cases routing tracks into one is not as straightforward as it could be.


2020-05-30 12:48

reporter   ~0024309

+1 for this

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