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Summary0007886: Support for the recording/editing CV signal?
DescriptionCV signal essentially being the same as audio signal but often DC and thus (by default) unsuitable for direction to speakers (without some mechanism of intention required to be setup by the user).

Such signal could come from JACK client CV ports or LV2 plugin CV ports. Further possibilities include recording automation from modular synth hardware or applications such as VCV Rack.

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related to 0008661 new Gracefully ignore unknown plugin port types 



2020-01-27 03:00

administrator   ~0020933

I appreciate your enthusiasm to push every project to support CV, but I think in case of Ardour (and some others) it's misguided and we'd be much better off with more widespread use LV2:Atom sequences, or VST3 sample-automation.

sparse events require significantly less CPU power to process and are equivalent for all purposes.
also keep in mind that many LV2 plugins with CV ports don't even process CV signals sample accurately for that very reason.

That being said It would be great to have a LV2 plugin that takes parameter automation (port or Atom Sequence) and turns it into a CV data-stream. That plugin could be integrated or included with Ardour.


2021-04-08 12:38

reporter   ~0025681

It would be useful if Ardour could at least gracefully ignore CV ports on plugins. If I want to play/record MIDI while using one of the midimsg plugins, for example, (, I have to use Jack, load the plugin in Carla, and fiddle around with the connections. If I try to insert the plugin in Ardour I get:

The plugin "Midi AfterTouch (Channel Pressure)" could not be loaded
See the Log window for more details (maybe)

And in the Log window:
[ERROR]: LV2: "Midi AfterTouch (Channel Pressure)" port 4 has no known data type

Is there some deep technical reason why Ardour can't just ignore ports it can't do anything with?


2021-04-09 18:41

administrator   ~0025689

> Is there some deep technical reason why Ardour can't just ignore ports it can't do anything with?

None that I can think of just now. perhaps compatibility once CV support gets added.
Yet generally plugins with CV I/O won't work properly until Ardour supports CV for control and allows patching CV networks.

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