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0007873bugs2020-01-10 18:00
ReportersciuriusAssigned Tox42 
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Platformx86_64OSFedoraOS Version29
Product Version5.12 
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Summary0007873: Track insert time does not affect all tracks
DescriptionTrack > Insert time requires one track to be selected, but the dialog has a checkbox "apply to all tracks in the playlist".
When the selected action for intersected regions is "be split", the operation only affects the selected track, not all tracks, even though this checkbox is checked.

See attachments: screendump before, and after.
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2020-01-10 09:14


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scrot20200110100646.png (69,197 bytes)
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scrot20200110100706.png (40,077 bytes)


2020-01-10 14:29

administrator   ~0020908

The label is "Apply to all the track's playlists".
In other words: "Apply to all playlists of the selected Track(s), not just the currently active playlist of the selected Track(s)".

A single track can have multiple playlists (check with the "P" button the track-header):


2020-01-10 17:52

reporter   ~0020909



2020-01-10 18:00

administrator   ~0020910

I've clarified the message in the dialog.

Since Ardour 6.0-pre0-3193-ga883afbd64 the checkbox options now reads "Apply to all playlists of the selected track(s)"

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