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Summary0000786: Suggest adding support for OMF
DescriptionI note in your roadmap that you list AAF. That's a good idea, in principle, since it at least the XML variant is a (slightly) more open standard than OMF. That said, you should consider adding OMF support as well.
Additional InformationI've created a reference implementation for writing OMF files from BIAS Deck project files. It should be able to be adapted easily to import files in any other format such as Ardour's XML project format.

In the same package, I've included a tool for reading OMF files and dumping the raw TOC data in a human-readable format. Again, implementing OMF reading with that as a rough base shouldn't be too hard in principle, though writing is more thoroughly implemented, for obvious reasons.

You can get the Deck2OMF suite from
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2004-12-08 05:50

administrator   ~0001679

i fetched the deck2omf tarball and will take a look

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