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0007852bugs2019-11-19 04:04
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Summary0007852: General Midi Synth has ghost-effect modulation applied on its playback
DescriptionA midi track playing the General Midi Synth instrument should not be playing with a modulation effect if Ardour does not record the modulation effect.
Steps To ReproduceSimple setup:
1 Midi controller, 1 Midi track with the default synth.

Create a new session, set the Modulation wheel on the midi controller to max..

- Create a recording. -- Press some midi notes for several seconds.

- Stop the recording -- auto-return back to the beginning of the midi track.

Now click 'A'/Show all existing automations. << Nothing shows.

Now playback the Midi track and Ardour plays the default synth instrument with the modulation effect, even though modulation has not been recorded.

Save and close the session, re-open it and play the Midi track, there is no Modulation playback.

As expected there is still no 'A'/Show existing automations'.

This can't be a feature.. and has to be a bug..

Ardour should not be remembering the current state of the modulation when performing "playback" if it shows nothing recorded for modulation cc-1
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2019-11-19 04:04

administrator   ~0020824

Already fixed in Ardour6/git and gmsynth v0.4.0

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