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0007851ardourbugspublic2019-12-08 06:31
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Product Version5.12 
Summary0007851: ardour fails to load session and create new sessions
DescriptionArdour fails to load session and create new sessions when a session has been saved with certain things in it.
Ardour needs to close the open-wizard without trying to load the problematic session, and is then able to create new sessions.
Steps To ReproduceA particular crafted MIDI recording with the General Midi Synth.

1- Create a new Ardour session
2- Add one Midi Synth track and attach a Midi Controller device
3- Go to a Midi controller, set the Modulation beyond "zero value"
4- Arm track and arm transport, click play
5- Hit only note keys from Midi controller
6- move the Modulation wheel for a bit (but do not set modulation wheel back to zero)
7- Stop recording

- Do 1 playback up until the end of the recording with auto-return set.
- Click on 'A' -- show all 'existing automations
- Be on time "zero" -- and set the last play value at time zero-- the modulation FX track from 59 to 0 (added 2 pictures to help to show what I mean) -- shows 59 for modulation at a time > 0 offset -- I modifed 59 to 0..

Save the file.
Close ardour.

Start ardour and try to open the last session.

It will fail to load with the following message,
"unable to create port: failed constructor
Click the Close button to try again

^ Keep the same "start-up" wizard open, and try to create a "new session" <<< And you will not be able to do so.

^ You need to close the "open wizard" as something from the previous error message is now causing ardour to not even create new sessions.

Now that ardour is completely closed.

Start Ardour, and without trying to load the problematic session, you can now create "new sessions".

I may have to come back to this -- this is as close a description as I can explain.. has occcurred on more than once..
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2019-11-19 04:02

administrator   ~0020823

What backend is being used? JACK?
Are any control-surfaces enabled? Preferences > Control Surfaces? If so, does disabling them fix this?

There was a bug related to Control-Surfaces in 5.x: Ardour 5.x does no always release the MIDI ctrl-surface port and trying to register the port causes this failure. An application re-start is required.


2019-11-19 04:11

reporter   ~0020825

the problem is tethered.

The problem of "creating a new session" << fails when I keep the open-wizard after it has failed to try to load the problematic session.

If I close the open-wizard, now Ardour is no longer in the system memory. I start Ardour, and I can choose "new session".

However I should not try to load the "broken" session, because then the open-wizard acts strangely.


2019-11-19 04:12

reporter   ~0020826

A "broken" session can be created by crafting it with just the General Midi Synth and changing the value on Time zero of the modulation fx track... I've observed this on more than once if I am correct..


2019-11-19 04:22

administrator   ~0020827

Please answer the questions from the first post:

What backend is being used?
Are any control-surfaces enabled in Preferences > Control Surfaces (even if they're not directly used)?

Can you still reproduce the issue after disabling the Control Surfaces?


2019-11-19 04:55

reporter   ~0020828

Ardour5 here -- I'm using it lightly for quick-easy tests. I'm using Mixbus for more serious things.

Ardour5 has minimal configurations set in it, so no control surface is set, and nothing else MIDI is set, other than using the one Midi port for the Keystation-88 midi controller.. (there's 3 ports:: 1 midi-thru, 1 for midi notes, and 1 for the control surface)

This Midi controller has a supported Mackie surface but I currently do not have it set in Ardour5.

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