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Summary0007830: Is mailing list actively maintained?
I've been trying to get into building Ardour for sometime now, and I have tried several times to fill in the form of subscription for mailing list, which is mentioned in this page.

I tried it several times, and I never got an email (even for confirmation)
I am using a healthy and always-working Gmail
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2019-10-29 23:39

administrator   ~0020803

It's quiet on the ardour-dev email list but it's still active. Maybe check your spam folder for the confirmation email..


2019-10-30 08:29

reporter   ~0020804

Thanks for your response, yep, it was in spam folder.
But I remember I checked that. So I believe and am pretty much sure it has arrived with a 2-3 day delay.

I'm done now!

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