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0007813ardourbugspublic2020-03-26 21:13
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PlatformWindows 10OSWindowsOS Version10
Summary0007813: The first note is not reproduced.
DescriptionWhen you place the timeline at the beginning of a note, it is not played. To play it you need to position the timeline before the beginning of the note.
Steps To ReproducePosition the timeline exactly at the beginning of any MIDI region.
Additional InformationI used the version: Ardor-6.0.pre0.2455-w64.
TagsEditor, Midi, MIDI region, region



2019-09-23 23:03

administrator   ~0020777

I'm surprised that MIDI plays at all in Arodur6 pre-alpha! -- Please read the warning dialog when you start Ardour6.


2020-03-26 21:13

reporter   ~0021054

Having same problem with Ardour6.0-pre1. Find project in attach to repoduce, click on Loop, the first note is skipped.

I'm aware this probably requires the complete the nutempo work, but if a simpler fix exists it would be super welcome I think, especially for the Ardour 6.0 release.

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