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Summary0000780: Homogeneous plugin ui
DescriptionIn a ladspa plugin, at the present time, the maximum number sliders seems to be 8 in the first column, 9 in the other columns.

If there are toggle-buttons in the ladspa plugin they are all placed in the first column with a maximum of 6. If there are more, a second column for the remaining buttons is created. Controls are then placed in other columns, with various strange results, depending on their position in the PortDescriptor (all in the first places or distributed). See for instance the FIL plugin from Fons Adriaensen or my experimental eq6 plugin.

I think a multiband parametric equalizer with a clean interface is necessary in a complex mix session. Hence, it could be nice if we had at least a more homogeneous plugin ui :

1 - the same maximum number of controls in the first row and in the others (not 8 and 9).
2 - the toggle buttons of the same height than other controls (buttons are taller)
3 - the same maximum number of toggle-buttons in a column than orther controls (not 6)
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related to 0000607 assignedtaybin Adding plugins with different number of signals/ports 



2006-01-20 23:39

developer   ~0002442

This issue was probably due to the "latency" port in plugins. Ardour mistakenly built a place for the parameter in the GUI even though it's supposed to ignore that parameter in the GUI. This resulted the first column having 9 parameters as the other columns.

This should be fixed in CVS right about... now. Please test.


2006-01-22 21:45

reporter   ~0002444

I tried ardour-cvs and ardour2-cvs dated 21 and 22 january. The problem seems to persist, see the screenshot of TAP equalizer/BW:
Or am i doing something wrong?


2007-01-04 20:20

administrator   ~0003000

I think this was fixed by sampo_v2 not too long ago. It was caused by certain invisible fields.


2007-01-05 22:03

reporter   ~0003020

I am sorry, but I just checked rev1274. The problem is still there... Looking at the sources, i think I am able to propose a solution for one of the two problems i mentioned. For the other, I will see. I'll send you something in a few days.


2007-01-06 01:59

reporter   ~0003021

Last edited: 2007-01-06 02:00

How about making the plugin selection window a separate application?. This means you could use a general application to select plugins for f.ex om and ardour. The om plugin selection window is very good allowing regular expressions searching. Drag and drop could also be used here.

You could call such an application to select a specific plugin.

EDIT: Hmm, maybe this was not the best place to bring this up.


2007-01-06 20:56

administrator   ~0003026

we plan to adopt om's selector wholesale after 2.0 is released.


2007-01-20 17:20

administrator   ~0003099

I've just commited a fix from Olivier Doare that fixes issue number 1.


2009-07-05 04:20

manager   ~0006316

Is this still an issue in recent versions of Ardour? Doesn't appear to be if I am looking at the right things here.

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