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0007788bugs2019-08-17 17:47
ReporterjpcimaAssigned Tox42 
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Product Version5.12 
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Summary0007788: Slider reacting strangely to LV2 property epp:rangeSteps
DescriptionWhen epp:rangeSteps is set on a control parameter, the slider in the generic UI reacts in stuttery manner, as if it resists to the mouse movement.

It was discovered while hosting a LV2 plugin built with faust2lv2.

The faust generator emits the epp:rangeSteps property for its controls.
Steps To ReproduceIt can be reproduced with a very simple faust program, such as the one attached
Build it with faust2lv2, and manipulate the slider in the generic UI to observe the problem.

The faust compiler was the version 2.15.11.



2019-08-17 15:44


volume.dsp (94 bytes)


2019-08-17 15:56

reporter   ~0020725

attached: a LV2 manifest generated from the example faust file

volume.ttl (1,313 bytes)


2019-08-17 15:58

administrator   ~0020726

Likely already fixed in ardour git since
Commits before and after are related 14517e13ecb16051 (range step rounding) and 9cf9833a93f5af0 (log-scale + spinboxes).


2019-08-17 17:40

reporter   ~0020727

I confirm that Ardour 5.12 + the commit 0e79253 has fixed the problem. The slider movement is smooth.
The commit diff did not apply directly on 5.12 source, but was fine with minor editing.


2019-08-17 17:47

administrator   ~0020728

Thanks for testing. marking as resolved

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