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0007787bugs2019-08-14 10:20
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PlatformWindows 10OSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version5.12 
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Summary0007787: GUI freeze when changing parameters in the "a-High/Low pass Filter" plugin. Windows 10 + GeForce
Description(see "Summary" and "Steps To Reproduce")

Steps To Reproduce1. Install Windows 10 v1903
2. Install Nvidia Geforece GT 1030 GFX card, driver version 431.60
3. Start Ardour 5.12
4. Create an "a-High/Low-Pass Filter" plugin.
5. Open GUI for that plugin.
6. Make sure "Plugin analysis" is visible.
8. GUI starts freezing around 5 seconds, and very often, if you move the sliders.
Additional InformationIt does not happen on Linux with Intel GFX card.
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2019-08-13 16:32

reporter   ~0020722

I've tested all the other "a-*" plugins now, and it only happens for the "a-High/Low-Pass Filter" plugin.


2019-08-13 16:32

reporter   ~0020723

Making sure v-sync is turned on in 3d settings for the GFX card made no difference.


2019-08-14 10:20

reporter   ~0020724

Found a workaround. It's not freezing if I comment out this line:

  siz = lpf_chunk

from dsp_run.

Maybe lots of exceptions are thrown in the inner loop for some reason? Just commenting out the call to self:queue_draw makes no difference, so it seems to be the dsp function itself that's causing the freeze. The sound seems fine though, but maybe there's some magic in ardour that makes sure the audio graph runs properly even when a lua dsp function fails?

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