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Summary0007786: "Duplicate Region - Fill Track" does not align exactly at beat raster

when using the duplicate region -> fill track tool and the region has an exact length of a beat, the fill track tool leads to an error in position of the duplicates (see picture). The duplicated regions are not aligned to the beat raster anymore. This error is accumulative. The longer the track the bigger the error.

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2019-08-13 11:50



2019-08-24 02:42

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NIce example!

This depends on BPM and sample-rate.

Audio-region duration is counted in audio-samples and currently limited to that unit.

One beat at 44.1kHz, 127 BPM is 44100 [samples/sec] * 60 [sec/min] / 127 [beats/min] = 20834.64 [samples/beat].
There are no fractional audio-samples, so Ardour rounds this down. Hence every time the region is duplicated, 0.64 samples are lost compared to the beat-grid.

Fixing this requires various parts that are planned for Ardour 7 (some preparations are in the nutempo git branch). e.g. the region duration needs to be set in music time -- exactly to 1 beat (not 20834 samples).


2020-09-23 14:08

reporter   ~0025052

I have the same error with midi regions in Ardour 6.3.
ardour_midi_not_in_grid.png (146,047 bytes)   
ardour_midi_not_in_grid.png (146,047 bytes)   

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