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0007756ardourbugspublic2019-05-01 19:54
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuStudioOS Version18.04.1 64-bit
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007756: Sometimes it does not play the second MIDI note coming immediately after the first.
DescriptionIf you turn on the snap mode on the grid and put two identical notes (one height) one after the other, sometimes the second note does not sound as if it simply does not exist. And, if this happens, it will not sound constantly, until you turn on the mode "without binding to the grid" and manually increase the distance between the notes, so that between them there was at least a small gap.
This happens on different synthesizers (I remember that it was with Yoshimi, ZynAddSubFx, General MIDI synth) and on different presets. Patterns not found.
Steps To Reproduceturn on the snap mode on the grid
Set grid size to 1/4
Put a note C1 with a duration of 1/4 in the first cell
Put note C1 with a duration of 1/4 in the second cell
Enable playback
If you are not lucky, the second note will not be heard.



2019-05-01 19:54

reporter   ~0020646

Again it just happened.
I created an empty project with a single MIDI track with the General MIDI synth. I installed the Finger Bass samples in this synth, set snap to the grid, tempo = 140 BPM. I wrote 4 notes ?0000001 in a row with a duration of 1/2. As a result, only the first note sounds, and the rest sound very short. ?an assume that it is not sound from this notes. After that I created another project with the same settings and with the same content but it was all right. 4 the same notes in a row was zucali correctly. This is all very strange.

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